Mining Education

How does it work?

Mining is an industry term which actually refers to the process by which transactions (Sending money) are verified and completed.  A mining rig completes complex math problems and submits the answers to the network in exchange for a reward. If the rig's answer is correct and first to report back to the network then it is rewarded.  This is why your hash rate is so important.  The faster the machine, the more likely it is to receive the reward.  Once your machines gets rewarded your coins are automatically transferred to your wallet.  

What should I buy?

The crypto currency world is highly speculative and very volatile.  Even with that being said there are many ways to profit from this.  When buying a mining rig you should always look at your price per mhs (megahash).  You do this by dividing the hash rate by the price.  In the case of the FUEL series it is $3650/230 = $15.87 per mhs.  We have one of the BEST rates in the industry.  It's also important to make sure your machine is capable of being upgraded as in the case of the FUEL.  This way you are not obsolete when new technology comes out.

How do I transfer my coins to regular money?

This is the most common question for new comers to the mining industry.  There are many ways to do this, but for ease of use and access we recommend using a service like Coinbase.  They allow you to deposit BTC or ETH and trade them into USD.  You then withdraw them into your bank account.  

What about trading?

If you are mining a coin that is not available to trade directly into USD or you want to begin trading crypto we recommend Poloniex.  This is the largest and most reputable crypto exchange available.

How do I store my coins safely?

This is also a very hot topic for new and old members of the community.  The best way to keep your coins safe is to store them on a local wallet on your PC.  Be SURE to write down your back up phrase and keep it safe!  Also remember to keep your private key safe as well.  

I want more info!!!

We've listed some links for your reference below.  This are good sites for reference and calculating your returns.  Of course you can always email us directly with questions!

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